Thursday, 30 December 2010

Life's paradoxes

A child longs to grow up quickly
For then the whole world can be fixed seamlessly
A grown up longs to turn back the clock
For then there is a whole new world to unlock

A student longs for that very first day at work
For there doing something meaningful is a perk
A working person longs to go back to student days
For there is fun and learning in lots of different ways

A small town dweller longs to move to the city
For then there can be found opportunities aplenty
A city dweller longs for a quiet small place
For then there is plenty of peace and solace

An ordinary man longs for the glittering world of fame and glory
For then of luxury, comfort and recognition there is a flurry
A famous person longs for those days of anonymity
For then solitude is really that welcome feeling of gaiety

Life is full of paradoxes
If everyone’s wishes were named boxes
It would be just a matter of making choices simple
To enter that elusive world of happiness eternal

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