Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cup full of Wonders

Dressed in faded jeans and a worn red blouse
With a strong purpose I leave the house
Walking past the bakery and the bus station
I finally reach my favorite destination

Wrapped in layers of warm wool
I look around casually and feel quite cool
Sitting in a cozy corner near the warmth of a fire
For its warmth to take away the chill I aspire

Caught in the harshness of the cold breeze
I rub my hands to not let them freeze
Cutting through the throng trying to warm up
There comes the man with a steaming cup

With a nod and a smile, he walks away
Taking in the sweet aroma, I gently lift it from the tray
Drinking the first sip and slowly savoring the taste
I promise myself not to finish it in haste

Feeling the warm liquid trickling down my throat
In a cloud of happiness and optimism I float
Enjoying the last sip, courage and strength I get
To take on the world, I am now all set


haage summane... said...

Hey you are quite a good poetess :)

Shantala said...

Thank you :)

Suma said...

just wow :)