Sunday, 22 May 2011


Bright rays of sun grazing the meadows
Sparkling light beaming from leaves and flowers
Hands and hats shielding faces in furrows
Heat washed away by cooling monsoon showers

Birds migrating from places yonder
Mountains standing bare and tall
Rivers flowing with zest and wonder
Cascades of water fiercely fall

Long days enlivening the streets
Summery dresses with bows and pleats
Cool drinks and ice cream treats
Laughter, gaiety and festive beats

Family visits and vacations galore
Fun times and adventures abound
Grandparents passing on fascinating tales of lore
These are the days we wait for all year round

Sunday, 15 May 2011


When the road ahead seems bumpy
And the spirit has taken a thrashing
Trouble is looming large
And you need someone to give you strength

When the will dies down
And the heart is heavy
Unshed tears are waiting to fall
And you need a shoulder to cry on

When you have fallen into the depth of despair
And the future appears bleak
Present is hopeless
And you need someone to lift you up

When you are confused
And the mind is in a muddle
Decisions are difficult to make
And you need someone to hear you

The one who reaches out and gives you strength
The one you seek and whose shoulder you cry on
The one who listens to you and gives you selfless advice
Is a friend to cherish forever and to never let go

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Journeys and Destinations

Hair blowing lightly in the gentle breeze
Face glowing in the warm rays from the rising sun
Wishing for the happy moment forever to freeze
Hoping for endless days of joy and fun

Anticipation slowly building up in the heart
A happy smile lurking on the lips
Of the serene surrounds, wanting to be a part
Travelling on narrow paths with rises and dips

Looking forward to blissful days by the sea
Waiting for peaceful hours of relaxation
Crossing endless greens of many a lea
Passing milestones bringing closer the destination

Getting there after hours and hours of travel
Sitting in the white and wet sands of the shoal
Hands full of sand and feet in the gravel
All she did was thought of the next goal