Sunday, 20 November 2011

No Regrets

Trudging through life like I would live forever
Waking up to another day just like the previous ones
An invisible hand holding me down
Fear of the unknown holding me back
While the clock merrily ticks along

Looking back at years gone by
I see a very ordinary life
Some days good while most were mundane
If only I were a better person

But I wonder
If I had absolutely no regrets
If I had only happy moments
If I had seen only good days
Would I have been living a life at all?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Falling in Love

When a casual look sets the heart racing
When a wry smile brings a flush to the face
When a sidelong glance feels like a special gift
You know you are falling in love

When eyes seek one more glimpse
When heart seeks one more smile
When ears seek one more laugh
You know you are falling in love

When you feel the presence before you even sight them
When you have eyes only for that special someone
When a moment away seems like a lifetime
You know you are falling in love

When you cherish every smile and look
When you remember every word spoken
When you recollect each and every nuance
You know you are falling in love

When everything is right with the world
When you believe nothing is impossible
When you think you can reach the moon and the stars
You know you are falling in love

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Quirkiness of Life

It takes but just a tiny moment

A blink of an eye, a single breath

It’s the end to one’s pain and torment

While others grapple with the cruelty of death

Struggling to make peace with the world

The loved ones are left behind

With loads of memories unfurled

Still caught in the endless grind

Futility of money, the wrong dreams we chase after

At that moment becomes clearer than ever

The path taken will then forever alter

Towards one that will give regret never

Intense pain and denial are a daily affair

As with the quirky life, we slowly reconcile

Heavy heart, loneliness and tears of despair

Will be your companions for many a mile

Memories of times, good and bad, that you gather

Precious moments that are one of a kind

Are all that’s left from years together

And forever are safely locked in the mind

In the heart they will live forever

More than ever they will remain dear

Over every decision they will tower

With a comforting smile they will be very near

Sunday, 22 May 2011


Bright rays of sun grazing the meadows
Sparkling light beaming from leaves and flowers
Hands and hats shielding faces in furrows
Heat washed away by cooling monsoon showers

Birds migrating from places yonder
Mountains standing bare and tall
Rivers flowing with zest and wonder
Cascades of water fiercely fall

Long days enlivening the streets
Summery dresses with bows and pleats
Cool drinks and ice cream treats
Laughter, gaiety and festive beats

Family visits and vacations galore
Fun times and adventures abound
Grandparents passing on fascinating tales of lore
These are the days we wait for all year round

Sunday, 15 May 2011


When the road ahead seems bumpy
And the spirit has taken a thrashing
Trouble is looming large
And you need someone to give you strength

When the will dies down
And the heart is heavy
Unshed tears are waiting to fall
And you need a shoulder to cry on

When you have fallen into the depth of despair
And the future appears bleak
Present is hopeless
And you need someone to lift you up

When you are confused
And the mind is in a muddle
Decisions are difficult to make
And you need someone to hear you

The one who reaches out and gives you strength
The one you seek and whose shoulder you cry on
The one who listens to you and gives you selfless advice
Is a friend to cherish forever and to never let go

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Journeys and Destinations

Hair blowing lightly in the gentle breeze
Face glowing in the warm rays from the rising sun
Wishing for the happy moment forever to freeze
Hoping for endless days of joy and fun

Anticipation slowly building up in the heart
A happy smile lurking on the lips
Of the serene surrounds, wanting to be a part
Travelling on narrow paths with rises and dips

Looking forward to blissful days by the sea
Waiting for peaceful hours of relaxation
Crossing endless greens of many a lea
Passing milestones bringing closer the destination

Getting there after hours and hours of travel
Sitting in the white and wet sands of the shoal
Hands full of sand and feet in the gravel
All she did was thought of the next goal

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sand on the Seashore

Sitting on a park bench in the noon
In a pensive mood with her mind in a swoon
Like a grain of sand on the seashore
Feeling trapped in a cage with no door

A deep melancholy etched plainly on the face
She was slumped in defeat staring at empty space
Only a tiny moan escaped her quivering lips pale
But those expressive eyes told many a tale

Heaps of men and women who were passing by
Scarcely glanced at her and walked away
The whole world was moving on
When she really needed a shoulder to cry upon

As the colors of dusk heralded the night
She steeled herself with all her might
With long brisk strides she hurried forward
And soon she was enveloped by the darkness ahead

Thursday, 31 March 2011


Like a ray of sunshine brightening the world
Oh! For all darkness to be banished from my mind

Like the fresh drops of rain cleansing the earth
Oh! For all the dirt to be cleansed from my heart

Like a sculptor working his magic on a piece of stone
Oh! For a beautiful creation to make me proud

Like a miser dearly hoarding all his wealth
Oh! For some beautiful memories to call my own

Like a mother giving selflessly to her child
Oh! For creating a world free of greed

Like ancient kings forever etched in the annals of history
Oh! For a legacy to leave for the world to remember

Like an eager traveller finally reaching his destination
Oh! For realizing my dreams, big and small

Journey of Love - II

Sitting across the table they found the outside world more fascinating
Mesmerized by things around them happening and the idle chattering

From having eyes only for each other
They now looked like a jaded couple in some bother

Ennui and disinterest they couldn’t beat
Friendly banters and loving exchanges had taken a back seat

Like chirpy birds of the day going very quiet in the dark
The blazing passion had lost its special spark

Living with each other they knew all the secrets
Gifts and surprises had turned into complaints and regrets

To revive the lost love, they were trying very hard
Hopes and blessings of near and dear, in plenty they had

Shaking off mundane routines, not taking each other for granted
To rediscover their lost dreams, they hoped, prayed and wanted

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Journey of Love

Awkward and self-conscious they stole furtive glances
Keeping a distance they exchanged shy smiles during the dances

Having a lot to talk about and not knowing where to begin
Into their past, present and future they started to dig in

With a good feeling about each other and hopes for a brighter future
In the small hours they parted with a promise this relationship they’d nurture

Over more meetings they discovered each other
Their tentative smiles and glances got surer

Gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes and holding each other’s hands
They were lost to the world and were in faraway lands

This wonderful feeling they had never before experienced this fully
Like floating in the clouds, this felt invincible and heavenly

Of wedding bells and baby cries happily they dreamed
With their love and affection a strong bond they weaved

Into a brighter and more beautiful world they walked away
After a stumbling start they had found their way

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Songs of birds, no longer in the air
Warm and inviting, no longer the water
In a rush, hiding from it, runs away the mighty sun
Pale and faraway, in the dark night, appears the silver moon
Day shies away, night forever stays
A gray blanket shrouds the skies
Gaunt and naked, stand quiet the trees
Numbing chill, frozen rivers
Bitter frost, cold shivers

Wiping away all despair
Snow comes down and spreads cheer
Cozy fireplaces given up for naught
Favorite books giving food for thought
Warm blanket, curling up in bed
Dreams, hopes, anticipation, moving on and ahead