Thursday, 31 March 2011

Journey of Love - II

Sitting across the table they found the outside world more fascinating
Mesmerized by things around them happening and the idle chattering

From having eyes only for each other
They now looked like a jaded couple in some bother

Ennui and disinterest they couldn’t beat
Friendly banters and loving exchanges had taken a back seat

Like chirpy birds of the day going very quiet in the dark
The blazing passion had lost its special spark

Living with each other they knew all the secrets
Gifts and surprises had turned into complaints and regrets

To revive the lost love, they were trying very hard
Hopes and blessings of near and dear, in plenty they had

Shaking off mundane routines, not taking each other for granted
To rediscover their lost dreams, they hoped, prayed and wanted

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