Sunday, 21 August 2011

Quirkiness of Life

It takes but just a tiny moment

A blink of an eye, a single breath

It’s the end to one’s pain and torment

While others grapple with the cruelty of death

Struggling to make peace with the world

The loved ones are left behind

With loads of memories unfurled

Still caught in the endless grind

Futility of money, the wrong dreams we chase after

At that moment becomes clearer than ever

The path taken will then forever alter

Towards one that will give regret never

Intense pain and denial are a daily affair

As with the quirky life, we slowly reconcile

Heavy heart, loneliness and tears of despair

Will be your companions for many a mile

Memories of times, good and bad, that you gather

Precious moments that are one of a kind

Are all that’s left from years together

And forever are safely locked in the mind

In the heart they will live forever

More than ever they will remain dear

Over every decision they will tower

With a comforting smile they will be very near