Thursday, 31 March 2011


Like a ray of sunshine brightening the world
Oh! For all darkness to be banished from my mind

Like the fresh drops of rain cleansing the earth
Oh! For all the dirt to be cleansed from my heart

Like a sculptor working his magic on a piece of stone
Oh! For a beautiful creation to make me proud

Like a miser dearly hoarding all his wealth
Oh! For some beautiful memories to call my own

Like a mother giving selflessly to her child
Oh! For creating a world free of greed

Like ancient kings forever etched in the annals of history
Oh! For a legacy to leave for the world to remember

Like an eager traveller finally reaching his destination
Oh! For realizing my dreams, big and small

Journey of Love - II

Sitting across the table they found the outside world more fascinating
Mesmerized by things around them happening and the idle chattering

From having eyes only for each other
They now looked like a jaded couple in some bother

Ennui and disinterest they couldn’t beat
Friendly banters and loving exchanges had taken a back seat

Like chirpy birds of the day going very quiet in the dark
The blazing passion had lost its special spark

Living with each other they knew all the secrets
Gifts and surprises had turned into complaints and regrets

To revive the lost love, they were trying very hard
Hopes and blessings of near and dear, in plenty they had

Shaking off mundane routines, not taking each other for granted
To rediscover their lost dreams, they hoped, prayed and wanted

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Journey of Love

Awkward and self-conscious they stole furtive glances
Keeping a distance they exchanged shy smiles during the dances

Having a lot to talk about and not knowing where to begin
Into their past, present and future they started to dig in

With a good feeling about each other and hopes for a brighter future
In the small hours they parted with a promise this relationship they’d nurture

Over more meetings they discovered each other
Their tentative smiles and glances got surer

Gazing adoringly into each other’s eyes and holding each other’s hands
They were lost to the world and were in faraway lands

This wonderful feeling they had never before experienced this fully
Like floating in the clouds, this felt invincible and heavenly

Of wedding bells and baby cries happily they dreamed
With their love and affection a strong bond they weaved

Into a brighter and more beautiful world they walked away
After a stumbling start they had found their way