Tuesday, 11 May 2010


• If the proverbial six degrees of separation can be validated using social networking sites like Facebook. It should be easy to pick two random profiles in Facebook and see how many links it takes to connect them.
• Why the government didn’t choose the underground metro option in Bangalore given the recent statement by the transport minister that tunnels are cheaper than underpasses and bridges. This would have possibly avoided cutting down of the few trees that are left, avoided litigation from property owners whose property had to be acquired to build the metro, avoided disruption of businesses during the construction phase and would have avoided the narrow roads from becoming narrower.
• If admen deliberately make ads that irritate you so that they stick in your mind more than the interesting ones. I don’t know about you all but I don’t remember the products for the good ads. But, I definitely remember the product for the irritating ones – Saffola Arise and the latest Nirma ad top my current hate list.
• If any sport continues to be a true “sport” after all the controversies surrounding most of the sports like match fixing, sledging and using drugs to enhance performance. Given all this, when someone is asked to “be a sport” should that be taken as an encouragement to take things in a positive spirit or to be devious?
• Why Hindi moviemakers don’t take a leaf out of their English counterparts who make such diverse and thought provoking movies. Why do we always stick to romance, comedy, horror or the latest trend of movies with a “in your face” message.

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