Thursday, 6 May 2010

Careers and hobbies

I was one of those kids who didn’t think too much about career while studying. Things just happened. I completed my 12th and for a majority of Indians, there are two popular choices - medicine or engineering. Hospitals and diseases give me the fright and it was a no-brainer for me to opt for engineering. I graduated at a time when software industry was booming and happened to get picked up by a well known software company. So, like most of the city dwelling Indians, I started my software career and continue to work in the IT industry.

If things just happen to you and you like what is happening, you are lucky. I am not one of those lucky people. My job is just that – a job. And, now that I am a lot more mature, I think about what profession I would have possibly enjoyed. A couple of careers that I envy – writers, hosts of travel shows, restaurateurs, food critics, movie critics, book reviewers.

But, grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I happened to read an article recently by a movie critic about his work. He writes that he has stopped watching movies for the pure fun of it. When he watches a movie, it is to look at the screenplay, editing, acting and the many aspects that go into a movie that will help him give a meaningful critique. Put like that, it looked to me like any other job. Another writer whose newspaper articles I enjoy wrote recently in her articles about the infamous “writers block” and how this has seriously affected her career. All this makes me wonder – when a hobby turns into a profession, does it stop being fun?

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Orra said...

Hobby is something that you pursue without others influence. You are not bothered about the business achievements of your hobbies. Once the hobby turns in to a profession, your thoughts and actions are restricted to different business parameters. Chances are rare that an individual enjoy his/her hobby as a career while he/she works for others.

On the other side, you can enjoy any career if you set goals that are not contradictory or competitive with others goals. Example, if you set your career goal to be helping your colleagues in their career path, there are maximum chances that you will enjoy your career. Ever tried?