Saturday, 16 February 2013


With a heart full of anticipation
On an evening which was a celebration
Running on cobbled streets with a preoccupation
Walking by cafes and shops without hesitation
Turning familiar corners without cessation
With a spring in her step, she hurried towards the destination

Cheeks glowing pink from the warmth of her dash
Walking into a dazzling room, blinded by a flash
With the heavily perfumed air making her teeth gnash
Catching a glimpse of familiar smiling lips and a sash
Frantically hunting for a quick getaway to avoid a rehash
A sudden gaze from the far corner made her face go grey as ash

Years of memories flashed in front of her eyes
It had all started with covert glances and her persistent nays,
Until the moment when it was time for goodbyes
There were countless happy and blissful days

A million thoughts raced through her mind
Long after they parted, she believed they were two of a kind
Life’s mysterious ways, what would they unwind
Those days of fun, frolic and love, would she again find